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Clinic Policy Manual

D1 Simulation Clinic Policy

Subject: D1 Simulation Clinic and Labs
Effective Date:   December 2015
Revision Dates:      January 1999, December 2015


To provide guidance for students, staff and faculty utilizing the D1 Simulation Clinic (D-165) and Labs (D-165A & D-165B). This policy addresses access, security, and standards of cleanliness for the facility and clarifies expected standards of conduct, including student supervision, dress code, management of property, and policy enforcement/penalties for policy violation.

General Policy

The D1 Simulation Clinic and Labs are operated in a manner consistent with other clinics in the School of Dentistry to simulate an authentic clinical educational environment. The D1 Simulation Clinic and Labs are governed by existing School of Dentistry clinical policies contained in the Clinic Policy Manual for Faculty and Staff, and guidelines in the Hazard Control in the Dental Environment. Additionally, students, staff and faculty are expected to adhere to abide by protocols in the Academic Regulations Manual, Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct and the University of Washington (UW) Student Conduct Code and by policies set by Course Directors utilizing the facilities.


I. Use After Hours

First and second year students, currently enrolled in courses have priority to the D1 lab during scheduled courses and afterhours in order to ensure adequate time to completed their assigned work. Third and fourth year students and graduate students/residents from other departments may also use the D1 lab but with the understanding that current first and second year students have priority.  Use of the D1 lab by students other than the first and second year students should not disturb scheduled classes, otherwise students may be asked to leave to minimize disruption and to accommodate the first and second year students.  Authorized students must have their access cards to enter the D1 lab.  The D1 lab can be accessed twenty-four (24) hours a day.  As a rule, the School of Dentistry recommends that students refrain from accessing the D1 lab during the hours of 12:00 midnight to 5:00 am for safety reasons unless absolutely necessary.  If students need to be in the D1 lab during these hours, students are asked to keep all doors locked and not allow access to person(s) who do not have an access card or proper UW identification.

II. Student Assignment to Stations and Pass-Through Boxes

An assigned pentagon seating system is utilized in the D1 lab to ensure space for the first and second year students.  To avoid conflicts between students each seat is assigned to a first and second year student however, the second year student has priority for after-hours use. Each first and second year student is assigned a numbered and locked “Pass-through Box” for submitting or returning course projects and assignments.

III. Security

The premises is monitored by a digital video monitoring system and is for the primary purpose of ensuring the protection of school property and equipment in the D1 lab.  It is also used to protect the safety of students outside the normal operating hours.  The digital video is used for surveillance purposes and reviewed only in cases of student incident, damage, loss of school assets and/or materials.  The doors to the facility have automatic locks and access is granted to holders of access cards only.  Doors may not be propped or wedged open.  Violation of the security rules may result in forfeiture of privileges and access to the D1 lab and/or up to dismissal from the School of Dentistry program. The Associate Dean for Clinics will consider the severity of the infraction and make the appropriate recommendation to the School Administration.

IV. Standards of Cleanliness

A Safety Evaluation shall be conducted and utilized by the Associate Dean for Clinics, Course Directors, and the Health & Safety Manager, and will consist of the following items:

Clean treatment area Instruments sterilized Protective eyewear
Clean barriers in place Proper sharps disposal Clean mask used
Proper aseptic technique Proper waste disposal Clean intact gloves used
Surfaces disinfected Clean and appropriate attire Area free of food/beverages

V. Dress Code

Students should meet established clinical dress codes when working in the D1 lab.  Because it is a simulation lab, students are required to wear appropriate clinic attire, either scrubs or provided laundered gowns when performing procedures in the D1 lab.  Street clothing must be covered with a gown; exceptions might be during a written exam or lecture-only period. All clothing, including scrubs, must be covered with a gown when working with human teeth or student patients.

VI. Property Damage/Missing Items

Each student is responsible for their own supplies, instruments and equipment.  Students are encouraged to engrave, mark, or label all personal or purchased equipment.  Leased equipment is already tagged.  Students are directed to report missing or damaged items within 3 days to the D1 Simulation Clinic staff.  Where appropriate, the Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct outlines the process for reporting and reviewing violations involving the destruction or theft of property, which are also addressed in the UW Student Code. [reference]

VII. Enforcement and Penalties

The Associate Dean for Clinics is responsible for the D1 Simulation Lab and adjoining premises.  Any concerns, incidents, and/or occurrences should be directed to the D1 Lab staff or the Associate Dean for Clinics immediately.

Unauthorized individuals must receive prior written permission to enter the D1 lab including adjoining areas; and must be supervised by a current student, staff, or faculty member of the School of Dentistry.  Permission request can be coordinated by or with a D1 Lab staff person for approval by the Associate Dean for Clinics.

All other individuals who are granted access to the D1 Simulation Clinic and Labs (i.e. continuing education participants, Board examination participants, or any individuals that have not been listed in the aforementioned policy) will agree to follow all Health & Safety protocols, rules, and policies of the School of Dentistry upon entering the D1 lab and adjoining premises.  In addition to the specific policies, applicable policies are found in the UW Student Conduct Code, School of Dentistry Clinic Policy Manual, Academic Regulations Manual, Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct and Hazard Control in the Dental Environment.

 Dean of UW SOD:

Joel Berg, Dean of the UW School of Dentistry

February 2, 2016