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Sending Encrypted Emails with Outlook

When you need to protect the privacy of an email message, you can encrypt it using the built-in encryption features of Microsoft Outlook. Only the recipient(s) will be able to read the message. Follow the steps below on how to send an encrypted email using Microsoft Outlook. For further information regarding the e-mail policy at the UW School of Dentistry, please visit: Emailing Protected Health Information (PHI)


Encrypting an E-mail

1. In Microsoft Outlook, compose a new e-mail to open the new message window.


2. In the Toolbar at the top of the window, click on OptionsEncrypt. This will turn on encryption for the e-mail.

Note: This will only encrypt this e-mail. If you want to turn on encryption for all your e-mails, you can follow Microsoft’s instructions here: Link


If you want to make the e-mail non-forwardable, you can click on the down arrow below the Encrypt icon.


3. Continue to compose your email like a normal email.

Note: Attachments will also be encrypted in the e-mail. Please note the size limit for files is 60 MBs.