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How to Grant Permissions to your Outlook Calendar

  1. Open up your Calendar menu in Outlook.

    Outlook screenshot3

  2. Right click on your calendar from the menu on the left and click on “Properties…”
    Outlook screenshot4
  3. Go to the “Permissions” tab and click “Add…” From there, you can find the user you would like to grant permissions from your calendar.
    Outlook screenshot5
  4. Once the user is selected, they should now be on your user list.t Clicking on the user allows you to change their level of permissions depending on what you want them to see on your calendar. If you use the “Permission Level” dropdown box, you can see what types of levels there are. You can always customize it yourself by clicking the options to your desired level.
  5. Once done with setting the permissions, hit “Ok” and the user can now access/ see your calendar. The user will need to follow this guide to add your calendar into their own Outlook client.