RESD 663

Advanced Operative Dentistry through Conservative Cast Gold – Selective

Course Directors: Tucker, Otterholt (Contact: Betty Low)
Selective # of Credits: 1
Quarters/Yr of Program: Autumn, Winter / 4

Course Overview

This course builds upon, enhances and refines the students Operative Dentistry skill sets via the design, preparation and seating of indirect, conservative cast gold restorations.

Learning Objectives

The student who successfully completes this course will be able to:

  1. Diagnose and design indirect cast gold preparations and restorations
  2. Demonstrate proficiency with rubber dam isolation
  3. Prepare conservative cast gold restorations, and have a knowledge of preparation variations
  4. Obtain a clear and accurate impression
  5. Design and place specific single tooth provisional restorations
  6. Evaluate castings fabricated by dental laboratories for contour, contacts, anatomy, and fit
  7. Fit, finish and troubleshoot cast gold restorations

Date last updated: 2016-12-15