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Predoctoral Course Catalog

ENDO 651

Honors Endodontics – Classical Literature Seminar – Selective

Course Director: Johnson, Endodontic graduate students
Credits: 3
Quarters/Yr of Program: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring/ 4
Limit: 2-3 students
Contact Person: Jessica Gallien

NOTE: This elective typically meets during regular clinic hours (1:00-5:00p). Participation requires accommodation by the Office of Clinical Services. Please check with Sandy Phillips if you intend to enroll in this class.

Students with a special interest in Endodontics will be allowed to enroll in this directed study upon approval of the Graduate Program Director. Students will be participating in endodontic topics related literature seminars with graduate students in the Endodontics department. They will be responsible for preparing abstracts along with graduate students and may have the opportunity to participate in graduate student research.

*last updated: 6/19/2017