Dental Curriculum Threads

Fixed Prosthodontics 1

Course Director: Xavier Lepe
Credits: 2
Quarters/Yr of Program: Autumn / 2

Course Overview

This course serves as introduction to the area of restorative dentistry dealing with indirect complete coverage restorations. The discipline of fixed prosthodontics is introduced with lectures and reading references related to the topics of terminology, principles of tooth preparation, clinical procedures relevant to this preclinical course and laboratory technology. Preclinical experience is provided in tooth preparation, provisional restoration, and fabrication of various crown designs. Projects emphasize the various designs of single tooth preparation and restoration. The lecture content of this course attempts to integrate the disciplines of fixed prosthodontics and periodontics as well as to connect laboratory and clinical fixed prosthodontics course content with material science Information.

Learning Objectives

The student who successfully completes this course will be able to:

1. Describe the procedures for tooth preparation for single crowns.
2. Demonstrate how to properly prepare teeth to receive single crowns.
3. Describe the procedures for the fabrication of single crowns.
4. Demonstrate how to properly fabricate direct single unit provisional crowns.
5. Demonstrate how to properly fabricate indirect single unit metal crowns.
6. Describe and demonstrate the use of dental materials used in the fabrication of single unit provisional crowns and metal crowns.
7. Demonstrate the seating, finishing, and polishing procedures of complete veneer gold crowns.

UWSOD Competencies: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 13, 14

Date last updated: 2018-10-04