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Predoctoral Course Catalog


Dental Curriculum Threads

Periodontics 3: Prevention/Periodontics II

Course Director: Diane Daubert
Credits: 2
Quarters/Yr of Program: Spring / 2

Course Overview

This multidisciplinary course serves as a continued introduction to and overview of prevention of disease in dentistry. It is the clinical application of topics covered in lecture the prior quarter (DENTPC 577). Students will see patients for preventive maintenance appointments, application of their knowledge of caries detection and treatment planning, identification of periodontal predisposing factors, and hand and power instrumentation. In addition to providing preventive maintenance treatment to patients, students will participate in other periodontal clinical exercises.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

1. Perform a detailed periodontal examination.
2. Accurately enter complete periodontal charting into the electronic health record.
3. Perform a plaque index.
4. Demonstrate the proper use of ultrasonic instruments.
5. Perform radiographic assessment of periodontal disease and caries.
6. Demonstrate use of the electronic health record system (axiUm) to input medical history, treatment notes, treatment codes, and referrals to other clinics.
7. Assist another student in a restorative procedure or oral medicine procedure, and a periodontal exam.
8. Perform a dental prophylaxis procedure on a patient.
9. Perform head-and-neck and intraoral exams.

UWSOD Competencies: C-02, C-05, C-12, C-13, C-17, C-14, C-15, C-24, C-19, C-22

Date last updated: 2024-03-09