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Fixed Prosthodontics 2

Course Director: Xavier Lepe
Credits: 4
Quarters/Yr of Program: Winter / 2

Course Overview

The student will gain knowledge in the planning, restoration and replacement of missing teeth with fixed prostheses, planning and designing for the restoration of endodontically treated teeth as well as become familiar with the material science and use of the various dental materials used in this discipline.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

1. Define the various procedures and steps used for the restoration of endodontically treated teeth.
2. Properly design, prepare, and restore four endodontically treated teeth using a variety of post and core systems including: a custom cast post and a preformed cast post, both with cast cores; a preformed glass fiber post and a stainless steel post, both with composite cores; as well as making an impression for an indirect cast post and core.
3. Properly fabricate a provisional restoration for an anterior endodontically treated tooth using a temporary post.
4. Define the procedures for multiple tooth preparations for fixed prosthesis.
5. Describe and demonstrate the use of dental materials used in the fabrication of multiple unit provisional restorations and complete veneer metal restorations for fixed partial dentures.
6. Properly prepare two abutments for CVGC retainers of a three-unit fixed prosthesis replacing a single molar tooth, fabricate an appropriate provisional restoration, obtain an impression, a working cast and complete selected laboratory procedures.
7. Define the procedures for a posterior tooth for a partial veneer crown preparation.
8. Properly prepare a posterior tooth for a partial veneer crown restoration.
9. Define the procedures for the tooth preparation of a complete ceramic crown.
10. Properly prepare two teeth for complete ceramic crown restorations.
11. Properly prepare two posterior teeth for a metal ceramic fixed partial denture.
8.  Properly prepare two teeth for complete ceramic crown restorations

UWSOD Competencies: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 13, 14

Date last updated: 2018-01-23