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Dental Curriculum Threads

Introduction to Oral Pathology

Course Director: Dolphine Oda
Credits: 3
Quarters/Yr of Program: Spring / 1

Course Overview

This is the first course in a three-part oral-pathology series (spring, summer, and winter) designed to introduce students to oral diseases bridging the field of dentistry to medicine. These courses are designed with the philosophy that a command of oral diseases by dental practitioners makes dentistry part of a patient’s overall health care with dentists as members of a patient’s broader health care team. DENTPC 534 is a lecture and clinical (CPC-clinical pathologic conference) course that covers oral soft-tissue diseases.

Learning Objectives

The student who successfully completes this course will be able to:

1. Describe oral and maxillofacial diseases.
2. Identify oral and maxillofacial disease pathogenesis.
3. Correlate the histopathology of a disease with the clinical presentation of a disease.
4. Formulate a working differential diagnosis.
5. Appropriately manage diseases within the scope of a general practitioner.
6. Refer oral and maxillofacial diseases that are beyond the scope of a general practitioner.
7. Describe how to handle a pathology specimen from collection to delivery.
8. Interpret a pathology report using histopathology descriptive terminology.

UWSOD Competencies: C-01, C-02, C-05, C-06, C-09, C-11, C-12, C-14, C-20, C-24, C-25, C-30, C-31, CE-02, CE-07

Date last updated: 2022-03-29