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Predoctoral Course Catalog


Dental Curriculum Threads

Advanced Topics in General Dentistry 1 – Sedation & Pharmacology

Course Director: John Evans and O Ross Beirne
Credits: 3
Quarters/Yr of Program: Summer / 4

Course overview

This lecture course reviews the drugs commonly taken by patients, legal and illegal, who present for dental care. Pharmacologic details will be presented in summary form along with the medical problems that can arise from the use of these drugs. The basic biomedical principles of conscious sedation will be presented with drugs used and the basic pharmacology of each drug. Monitoring of sedated patients and related medico-legal issues will be discussed in detail.

Learning Objectives

The student who successfully completes this course will be able to:

1. Obtain minimal oral conscious sedation privileges in Washington State when licensed.
2. Determine which patients are appropriate candidates for conscious oral sedation.
3. Specify how to manage orally sedated patients including pre-operative assessment and postoperative recovery.
4. Apply the medico-legal aspects of oral conscious sedation to clinical situations.
5. Explain the pharmacology of commonly used drugs dental patients take when they present for treatment.
6. Propose how to manage dental patients taking commonly prescribed medications.
7. Determine how to rapidly obtain information about drugs prescribed for their dental patients.

UWSOD Competencies: C-03, C-04, C-05, C-06, C-09, C-10, C-12, C-13, C-15, C-17, C-18, C-30, C-31

Date last updated: 2023-07-05