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Continuing Dental Education

Infection Control in the Era of COVID-19 – a live webinar

Louis G. DePaola, DDS, MS, FAAOM, FACD

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This course is part of the Association for Continuing Dental Education Joint Live Webinar Series.


This course is part of the Association for Continuing Dental Education Joint Live Webinar Series*

Course Description

The cluster of severe pneumonia cases caused by a novel coronavirus first reported in Wuhan, China in December of 2019 has now circled the globe. To date millions of cases have been reported and the number of cases in the USA as well as worldwide are increasing at an alarming rate. The cause of these infections was shortly identified as a novel of coronavirus similar to the SARS coronavirus that emerged in 2003. Although similar to SARS this new virus has been identified as a novel, never reported virus now called SARS-CoV-2. This virus causes a severe acute respiratory syndrome in some patients and this disease has been named COVID-19 (coronavirus disease-2019). Unfortunately, this virus is capable of very efficient person-to-person transmission and was declared a pandemic by March of 2020. The alarming spread of this infection in the USA has had a dramatic adverse impact on dental practice. This program will provide dental providers with the latest information on the epidemiology, testing, treatment and management of COVID-19. The latest COVID-19 vaccines and vaccination strategies will be discussed. Additionally, this program will provide dental providers with the latest information on the management of COVID-19 in the dental office. Paramount to controlling this pandemic are the principles of respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette and enhancements in respiratory protection that may need to be implemented. Emphasis will be placed on compliance issues and how a practical, cost effective “safe workplace” can be achieved.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • The epidemiology and nationwide spread of COVID-19
    • The latest epidemiology of COVID-19 infections will be presented.
    • Data will be presented regarding the survivability of the virus on surfaces as well as the infectivity of asymptomatic carriers.
  • Are there tests for COVID-19?
    • The various types of COVID-19 tests will be reviewed as well as the indications for who should be tested
  • How can COVID-19 be prevented?
    • The best strategies for the prevention of COVID-19 will be presented.
  • How can COVID-19 be treated?
    • Data regarding treatment regimens and clinical trials will be reviewed.
  • Are COVID-19 vaccines safe and effective?
    • Discussion of COVID-19 vaccine and vaccination in the dental office.
    • Review FDA EUA approved vaccines and their administration.
  • How can the impact of COVID-19 be minimized in the dental office?
    • What are the latest COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines?
    • What are the latest guidelines from the ADA, OSHA and other organizations?
    • Interim guidelines regarding COVID-19 infection control published by the ADA, CDC and OSHA will be reviewed.

Learning Objective

At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the routes of transmission of infectious diseases and how to break the chain of infection.
  • Know the updated recommendations for Standard Precautions.
  • Learn the principles of respiratory etiquette to reduce the impact of respiratory diseases.
  • Understand the how COVID-19 is transmitted.
  • Know the signs and symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Understand the latest information on the transmission, testing and management of COVID-19.
  • Discuss COVID-19 vaccination.


Dr. Louis G. DePaolaDr. Louis G. DePaola Louis G. DePaola, DDS, MS, FAAOM, FACD Dr. DePaola is the Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs and Professor, Department of Oncology & Diagnostic Sciences, School of Dentistry, University of Maryland, Baltimore. He received his DDS in 1975, completed a master’s degree in Oral Biology; is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Medicine and the American College of Dentists; and has a Certificate in Prosthodontics.

He is the Director for dental training for the Mid-Atlantic AIDS Education and Training Center and served as a member of the ADA Council of Scientific Affairs from 2002-2005. From 1998 to 2002 Dr. DePaola served at the National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research, Division of Extramural Research of the National Institutes of Health to help develop dental treatment guidelines for patients with HIV/AIDS and infection control practices to protect both patients and practitioners from the transmission of infectious diseases in the dental office.

Course Logistics

Friday, July 15, 2022

Online Webinar

The Dental Professional

8:00am – 10:00am Pacific Standard time


2 hours


*The University of Washington in conjunction with the Association for Continuing Dental Education (ACDE), along with 30 of its member schools jointly presents the “ACDE Webinar Series”

This series features university-based key opinion leaders presenting numerous topics on multiple dates and times. Presentations are available to meet every dental health care professional’s schedule and interests.

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