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General Compliance Policies

Potential Conflicts of Interest Policy

Subject: Potential Conflicts of Interest

Policy Policy Number: ADMIN0001

Effective Date: 9/16/2009

Last Review Date: September 16, 2009


The School of Dentistry is committed to operating in an ethical and legal manner. All School of Dentistry employees are required to adhere to State and Federal laws and rules, University of Washington policies, and the School’s Compliance Program and Code of Conduct. It is School policy that employees avoid or disclose and address interests and activities that might conflict with the proper discharge of the employee’s official duties. This policy provides guidance on reporting potential conflict of interest situations, as it is the responsibility of each faculty and staff member to bring these issues forward.

Gifts – Direct all questions and report all proposed and received gifts to the Assistant Dean of Development at 206-543-7297 or . The Assistant Dean will work on behalf of departments to communicate directly with donors and will refer questions to the Compliance Director as appropriate. Specific guidelines on gifts and donations can be found on the Compliance website.

Vendor Sponsored Lunch & Learn Events – Contact your Department/Clinic Administrator prior to planning or attending vendor sponsored lunch and learns to avoid potential violations of the State Ethics Act, anti-kickback and other laws.

Personal Use of State Resources – All employees are responsible for proper stewardship of University resources, including but not limited to, people, money, property, time, equipment, vehicles, computer software, trademarks and intellectual property. Limited personal use of State resources may be permitted under certain conditions. University policy “Personal Use of University Facilities, Computers, and Equipment by University Employees”.  Contact your Department/Clinic Administrator with questions or concerns.

Lobbying – No state resources, under any circumstances, may be used for lobbying, assisting an election campaign, or promoting/opposing an initiative. This prohibition includes the use of employee work time to engage in these activities. Careful review of potential violations is required. Contact your Department/Clinic Administrator with questions or concerns.  See additional information at UW Policy.

Independent Organizations – Employees must avoid conducting business on behalf of other organizations including student-sponsored associations. Direct all questions and report all concerns to the Manager of Student Life & Admissions at 206-685-2372

The Director of Compliance & Privacy is available for questions at 206-543-5331 . Anonymous concerns can be reported via the Compliance Hotline at 206-685-5254 or

Dean of UW SOD:

Gary Farris, Assistant Dean, Finance & Administration

December 24, 2019