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Compliance Program

Employee Participation and Reporting

Approval/Effective Date: 2/27/2008
Last Reviewed: 01/17/2023

Policy: It is the responsibility of every individual to abide by applicable laws and regulations and support the UW School of Dentistry’s compliance efforts. All staff, students and faculty members are required to promptly report their good faith belief of any potential violation of the Compliance Program or applicable law. The School will provide anonymity to the individuals who report concerns to the greatest extent possible under the circumstances. There will be no retaliation in the terms and conditions of employment as a result of such reporting.

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to define the individual staff, student and faculty member responsibilities for assuring ethical business practices and supporting the Compliance Program.

Procedures: Individuals will report their good faith belief of violations of the Compliance Program or applicable laws and regulations via one of the following methods:

  • Written or oral report to a supervisor or anyone in a School leadership role
  • Contact the Compliance Director at (206) 543-5331 or or Box 356365
  • Call the School’s anonymous Compliance Hotline at (206) 685-5254

All staff, student and faculty member reports of potential violations will be reviewed at the level determined appropriate. School leaders will ensure that the Compliance Director is immediately informed of any reported concern. Any retaliation for good faith reporting is strictly prohibited.