UW School of Dentistry


The Visiting Scholar program fee is $1,200-5,000/month (subject to change), depending on the experiences requested, level of participation requested, and whether predoctoral and/or graduate observations are desired. The fee defrays the administrative and other costs of the Visiting Scholars Program to the School of Dentistry. The Scholar is expected to pay the fee for the entire anticipated length of stay within one week of arriving at the University. The fee for each program is listed below.

Program A
Pre-doctoral observations (courses, lectures, simulation lab, and clinical observations)
Program B
Program A (Pre-doctoral observations) and selected Graduate Prosthodontics courses and lectures (No clinical observations)
Program C
Graduate Prosthodontics Observational Externship Program (courses, lectures, clinical observations, and/or research study)
$1200/month $2200/month $2000/week
$9,000/quarter (three months)
$16,000/six months/two quarters
$30,000 /year/four quarters

Fees are not normally refundable. A non-refundable processing fee of $450 for the visiting scholar (subject to change) is required. The processing fee covers cost for the J-1/DS2019 visa documents through the UW International Scholar’s Office (ISO) and the criminal background check through A-Check America. If the Visiting Scholar requires visa for J-2 dependent, an additional processing fee of $250 per family member is required.

If the Visiting Scholar is primarily engaged in research with a faculty member, the program may be waived. To be eligible for a fee waiver, the host faculty must demonstrate to the Chair of Restorative Dentistry that the scholar is at the UW primarily for research, that there is a research plan in place, that funds are in place to support research activities, and that research will be the primary activity of the Scholar. Please note that a Research Visiting Scholar will not be permitted to attend/observe/participate in pre-doctoral or graduate classes and clinics. The visiting scholar will be required to pay a non-refundable administrative fee of $650.00 (subject to change). The administrative fee covers cost for the J-1/DS2019 visa documents through the UW International Scholar’s Office (ISO), the criminal background check through A-Check America and the administrative cost incurred by the department.)