UW School of Dentistry


Application process timeline
Date Activity
June Dental School begins receiving applications from AADSAS for the entering class.
July Dental School begins mailing out secondary applications to select candidates only.  These applications should be completed and returned to the School of Dentistry as soon as possible.
October to March From the completed secondary applications, select candidates are invited to Seattle to interview.
October 31 Final date to take the DAT. Scores will not be considered until the next admissions cycle if they are dated after this deadline of year prior to matriculation.
November 1 Deadline for applications to AADSAS.  All applications received by AADSAS after this date will not be considered for this year.
December 1 to March 15 Admissions committee reviews completed applications and makes decisions. Notification will be by letter.
July 2015
All coursework and requirements must be completed prior to matriculation.