To be considered for admission to our School you will need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be classified as a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Take the Dental Admission Test by the October 31st deadline.
  • Complete the required courses listed prior to matriculation.
Required courses by semester.
REQUIRED COURSES * UW courses that fulfill course requirements
General Chemistry 2 quarters or 1 semester Chem 142, 152
Organic Chemistry 2 quarters or 1 semester Chem 223, 224
General Biochemistry 2 quarters or 1 semester Bioc 405, 406; or 440, 441
General Physics 3 quarters or 2 semesters Phys 114, 115, 116
General Biology or Zoology 3 quarters or 2 semesters Biol 180, 200, 220
General Microbiology 2 quarters or 1 semester Microm 301, 410 (recommended); Microm 412, 442 (acceptable)

* The required courses must be lecture rather than lab courses. For information on course equivalencies for Washington Community and Technical Colleges, please visit the Equivalency Guide for Washington Community and Technical Colleges for specific information on determining your course equivalency with the University of Washington.

We do not select or give preference to a particular undergraduate major field; in fact, our Admissions Committee encourages diversity in majors. Courses in the social sciences and the humanities are also important and are reviewed by the Committee.

Although a majority of students have baccalaureate degrees, students with outstanding academic qualifications may be considered for admission after only three years.

As a member of our entering class, you’ll be one of 63 students. The School is committed to diversity within the dental school student body and the dental community.

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