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2015 Application Cycle

We are pleased to provide advising to DDS applicants in the form of quarterly Pre-admissions workshops (PAW). The free workshops are held on the UW Seattle campus. Dates for upcoming workshops and registration information will be posted in the contact box on this page. The workshops are designed to provide an overview of the School of Dentistry, best ways to prepare for dental school, and what the admissions committee is looking for in an applicant. A dental student panel is available to answer questions from the audience at the end of the workshop. Applicants with specific questions or concerns regarding their individual application should write to askuwsod@uw.edu. While we are happy to address questions regarding the application process itself, we are no longer able to provide individual counseling to applicants. Our FAQ section is updated to include more information to assist applicants navigate the admissions process. All changes made to applicant status will be posted on the AADSAS webportal.

Doctor of Dental Surgery Program

The University of Washington School of Dentistry curriculum provides students with opportunities to learn the fundamental principles significant to the entire body of dental knowledge. Students are expected to learn fundamentals of basic health sciences, to attain proficiency in clinical skills, to develop an understanding of professional and ethical principles, and to develop reasoning and critical decision-making skills that will enable implementation of the dental knowledge base.

The first year is divided among lecture, laboratory and preclinical activities in basic sciences, dental anatomy, occlusion and dental materials. In the second year students will develop additional preclinical skills, learn how basic science principles are applied to the clinical setting and begin clinical patient treatment. In the third and fourth years, students concentrate on providing clinical treatment, attend lectures that refine technical and diagnostic skills, and participate in electives and rotations.

Students are required to take one elective in each of the third and fourth years. Electives are chosen by students from courses offered by all departments, including opportunities in independent study, research, seminars on various topics, and specialty clinical topics.

The educational program is enriched by the School’s strong commitment to research and the presence of a Regional Clinical Dental Research Center, a Comprehensive Center for Oral Health Research, and a fellowship research training program for predoctoral students. The Regional Clinical Dental Research Center is one of two funded in the nation and its mission is to foster clinically relevant research that will advance dentistry’s knowledge base, improve patient care, and promote oral health. State of the art clinical research facilities are available for faculty and student use.

The Four-Year Curriculum Our DDS curriculum extends for forty-two months or fourteen quarters, including two summer quarters. Twelve of the academic year quarters are ten weeks of instruction, one week of examination, while the two required summer quarters following years two and three are each nine weeks long. Students may be allowed additional time to complete required course work.

Residency and citizenship requirements

UWSOD admission is limited to US Citizens and Permanent Residents. There are no exceptions. A typical entering class is composed of 85-90% Washington residents and the remaining 10-15% primarily from WICHE states (Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota and Wyoming). Residency Classification information is updated annually at www.washington.edu/students/reg/residency.