Dr. McKinney

Dr. McKinney

Christy McKinney, PhD, MPH

Box: 357475
Phone: 206.543.0241
Email: chrismck@uw.edu

Acting Assistant Professor, Oral Health Sciences


Dr. Christy McKinney is an Acting Assistant Professor in the Department of Oral Health Sciences and a KL2 Clinical Research Scholar with the Institute for Translational Health Sciences. She received her MPH (2002) from Tulane University and PhD (2006) from the University of Washington, both in epidemiology. She also received a certificate in global health from the University of Washington (2006) and is a returned Peace Corps volunteer (Ethiopia, 1997-99).

Research Interests

Dr. McKinney’s current research is on the unique intersection of oral clefts, maternal nutrition, infant feeding and global health. Her previous work includes studies on infant sleep positioning and plagiocephaly, an abnormal head shape due to external pressure placed on the skull in infancy. Currently, she is conducting a pilot project in northeast Thailand examining the role of maternal nutrition on the risk of oral clefts. She is also the lead investigator of a multidisciplinary project to develop and test an infant feeding cup for infants unable to breastfeed in low-resource settings. Dr. McKinney is the recent recipient of an NIH career development award.

Select Publications

  1. McKinney CM, Cunningham ML, Holt VL, Leroux B, Iwata J, Starr JR. Characteristics of 2,733 cases diagnosed with deformational plagiocephaly and changes in risk factors over time. Cleft Palate Craniofac J 2008; 45(2):208-216.
  2. McKinney CM, Holt VL, Cunningham ML, Leroux B, Starr JR. Maternal and infant characteristics associated with infants being positioned in the prone and lateral sleep positions, 1996-2002. J Pediatr 2008; 153:194-198.
  3. McKinney CM, Cunningham ML, Holt VL, Leroux B, Iwata J, Starr JR.  A case-control study of infant, maternal and perinatal characteristics associated with deformational plagiocephaly. Paediatr Perinat Epidemiol 2009; 23(4):332-345.

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