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New program reaches out to business community

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Dean Joel Berg (center) joins Dr. Patricia Rothwell and Dr. Mark Walker of the Dean’s Club Board of Trustees in backing the new Business Partners program.

Seeking to expand our School of Dentistry’s base of annual support, the Dean’s Club Board has launched a major new initiative to reach the business community: The UW School of Dentistry Business Partners program.

“Many companies and organizations recognize that the success of our dental community hinges on the quality of education and training of its professionals. They support our Dental School and students every year in a variety of ways for which we are very appreciative,” said Dr. Patricia Rothwell (’84), immediate past president of the Dean’s Club Board of Trustees. “Our Business Partners initiative is a way to recognize our corporate donors, who have taken on more and more importance in the last several years.

“The School of Dentistry faces a challenging new reality in an era of sharply reduced state support for the University of Washington,” she said, noting that the state has cut its funding for the UW in half since 2009.

The UW Dean’s Club Board, the Dental School’s major fund-raising body, has become aware that a new paradigm must be developed to sustain a vibrant school in our region.

“We are fortunate in having very loyal and generous alumni, and we have one of the highest rates of participation in alumni association membership, volunteers and donors of any dental school in the country,” she said. “At the same time, we know that this is not enough to ensure that the UW maintains its place as a premier school of dentistry, and we are finding that further assistance is needed for basic operations of the School.”


George Englund
Vice President
Issaquah Dental Lab
Chair of Business Partners Committee

The Board initiated the Business Partners program to encourage everyone in the professional community to step up and join our alumni in supporting the School on an annual basis. George Englund, Vice President of Issaquah Dental Lab, Dean’s Club Board member and chair of the Business Partners committee, said the business community should readily see the value of being a UW School of Dentistry Business Partner.

“Having a top-tier dental school in our region elevates the dental community in so many ways,” he said. “It just makes good business sense for all of us to do our part to support the UW School of Dentistry.”

The Dean’s Club Board suggests that alumni can help with the successful launch of the Business Partner program.

“As practicing dentists, we deal with members of the business community every single day,” Dr. Rothwell said. “Let’s show our support for those who support the school and encourage all of our company reps and business colleagues to stand with us to ensure that the quality of dental education remains a priority in the state of Washington.”