UW School of Dentistry

Student Ally Mueller named to Husky 100

Ally Mueller, a third-year dental student, has been named to the 2017 cohort of the Husky 100, a group of outstanding students selected to represent those who make the most of their time at the University of Washington.

Ally MuellerMueller received her undergraduate degree from the UW with high honors. She also competed for the university in track and field, which she has credited with aiding her scholastic achievement. “I found a strength and determination that led to my success as a student of UW and will lead to my success as a UW dental graduate,” she wrote in an essay submitted to the Husky 100 selection committee.

After enduring 10 years of orthodontic treatment at a younger age, Mueller said that dentistry seemed more like a necessary evil than a career choice. However, her experience as a volunteer at Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission dental clinic during her sophomore year helped transform her outlook and set her on her path to the dental school.

As a member of the UW Honors Program, Muller studied architecture and biochemistry – two seemingly disparate disciplines for which she found a confluence in her dental studies.

“My research in the UW Biochemistry Department on human ubiquitin ligase interactions required continuous trouble-shooting. Problem-solving a yeast two-hybrid experiment that has contradicting results compares to finding a solution for a [dental] restoration when materials are limited.  Presenting my research findings to the public at the UW Undergraduate Research Symposium in a way that those not familiar with biochemistry would understand provided excellent practice for communicating effectively with my patients in dental school,” she wrote in her essay.

“Dentistry is architecture of the mouth, with the dentist acting as the architect,” she also wrote.

“We’re very proud of Ally and her selection to the Husky 100,” said Dean Joel Berg. “She has pursued excellence in everything she’s done at the UW, and she exemplifies the kind of dedication and critical thinking that we encourage all of our students to strive for at the School of Dentistry.”