Lisa J. Heaton , PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Oral Health Sciences




My research interests focus on access to dental care in adults with mental illness, incorporating non-dental healthcare professionals (such as pharmacists) in providing oral health recommendations to individuals lacking dental resources, and increasing dental treatment-seeking for individuals who avoid dental care due to fear and other barriers. Since 2005, I have worked in the Dental Fears Research Clinic to help patients manage and overcome their dental fears and anxieties in order to receive regular dental care and maintain their dental health. I also work in the Oral Medicine Clinic, helping patients develop means of coping with and reducing chronic facial pain. Finally, I teach a course in the 4th-year School of Dentistry curriculum on the treatment of patients with dental fears.

 Selected Publications

1.  Heaton LJ, McNeil DW, Milgrom P. Propranolol and D-cycloserine as adjunctive medications in reducing dental fear in sedation practice. SAAD Dig. 2010 Jan;26:27-35.

2.  Boyle CA, Newton T, Heaton LJ, Afzali S, Milgrom P. What happens after referral for sedation? Br Dent J. 2010 Jun;208(11):E22.

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4.  Heaton LJ, Garcia LJ, Gledhill LW, Beesley KA, Coldwell SE. Development and validation of the Spanish Interval Scale of Anxiety Response (ISAR). Anesth Prog. 2007 Fall;54(3):100-8.

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6. Smith TA, Heaton LJ. Fear of dental care: are we making any progress? J Am Dent Assoc. 2003 Aug;134(8):1101-8.