Oral Surgery Services

The UW School of Dentistry in Seattle, Washington provides oral surgery services in our student and faculty practice clinics.

Oral Surgery Student Clinic

Some Oral Surgery procedures are available in our student clinic where patients receive care by dental students, working toward their DDS degree, under supervision by experienced, licensed faculty dentists. Appointments in our Student Clinics usually take longer and could cost less than appointments in our other clinics.

Please visit call 206.685.3591 or visit our Oral Surgery Student Clinic page to schedule an initial screening. For more information about our patient process, please visit our Dental Student Clinics page.

Northwest Center for Oral and Facial Surgery

Patients receive care by our faculty dentists who are specialists and excel in their field of dentistry. Appointments in our Northwest Center for Oral and Facial Surgery are usually similar to appointments at private practice clinics in our area.

Please call 206.543.5860 to make an appointment or visit our Northwest Center for Oral and Facial Surgery page to get clinic locations and meet our providers.