UW School of Dentistry

Program Information

Oral Biology offers coursework leading to the PhD in Oral Biology, the MS (thesis) in Oral Biology, the MS in Oral Biology for Dental Hygiene and the DDS/PhD Degree. These programs are available to accommodate students with different educational objectives.

  • Doctor of Philosophy degree is designed for students desiring extensive research training as well as in-depth course work in oral biology. Students in the PhD program are expected to gain proficiency in oral and craniofacial sciences with an emphasis in modern investigative methods.
  • DDS/PhD combined training is available for students committed to an academic or research career. This is a seven year program combining the DDS curriculum with studies directed toward a PhD in Oral Biology. This program seeks to educate DDS/PhDs for future academic positions in a manner that provides the best possible dual training and minimizes student debt load. Students will have an opportunity to maintain continued clinical practice so there is no break in the use of clinical skills while conducting their thesis research.
  • Master of Science degree is designed for students who want advanced training in oral and craniofacial biology, but is less extensive than the PhD program. This program requires a thesis.
  • Master of Science in Dental Hygiene is available for dental hygienists with a baccalaureate degree or an associate degree from an accredited program plus a bachelor’s degree who seek careers as dental hygiene educators. This pathway emphasizes training in basic and applied dental science as well as a research experience. This program requires a capstone project but not a thesis.
  • Concurrent Degree Training – the PhD may be combined with a clinical specialty program (for example, periodontics, orthodontics, oral medicine, etc.). Applicants must apply separately and be accepted to each department. Note that admittance to this program is highly competitive. If accepted, a specific plan of study will be arranged through both departments.