Dental Student Volunteer Opportunities

Fall Quarter Events (2019)

Union Gospel Mission

The Union Gospel Mission (UGM) is dedicated to working with the hurt and homeless in the greater Seattle area. Through their clinic, located in the Pioneer Square in Downtown Seattle, they allow several of our Third and Fourth dental students to provide their clinical services to those in need through their program. There are opportunities for service as assistants for four other students of any grade as well. The UGM strives to bring care and service to the community as we partner with them. Please go here if you are interested in signing up.

Teeth & Toes

Teeth & Toes pairs our dental students with University of Washington nursing students and medical students, in efforts to provide care to the community. This inter-professional event allows dental, nursing and medical students to work together to provide care to refugee and homeless shelters in the Seattle area. This event is a partnership within the Health schools that allows our students of all grades to work together and provide care through multiple forms of care. Please contact the Student Lead Qin Xia ( if you are interested.

Safe Harbor Free Clinic – Stanwood, WA

Formerly NCTA, our partnership with Safe Harbor Free Clinic continues in a reduced form at Safe Harbor’s Stanwood location. In partnership with Medical Teams International students are able to provide urgently needed care in this underserved location on the 3rd Saturday of every month. Please contact the Student Leads Krisha-Tyra Bautista ( and Sesha Hanson-Drury ( you are interested.

Community Health Professions Academy

Community Health Professions Academy (CHPA) is a multi-session program (formerly Dental Academy) aimed towards encouraging high school students from underrepresented communities interested in dentistry and other healthcare related careers. We are looking for both dental students interested in attending one or more sessions as either volunteers and students interested in being dental student mentors. For more information, or if you are interested in volunteering with this program please contact the OEPD office (

Future Opportunities (2019)

Summer Health Professions Education Program

June 2020

The Summer Health Profession Education Program, formerly known as Summer Medical Dental Education Program, is a 6-week national summer enrichment program aimed towards undergraduate students interested in careers in healthcare. This interprofessional effort sees the UW School of Dentistry in partnership with the UW School of Medicine and School of Public Health to provide academic and personal enrichment for these students. Dental students and SHPEP/SMDEP alumni are encouraged to volunteer in a mentorship capacity. For more information, or if you are interested in volunteering with this program please contact the OEPD office (