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About OEPD

Diversity Statement

The University of Washington School of Dentistry values diversity in race/ethnicity, religion, culture, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status in its students, staff, faculty and patients.

We resolve to promote and maintain an environment that honors and respects the dignity, uniqueness and worth of each person in order to empower each member of our institution to optimally participate in our mission of education, research and service.

We believe that our commitment to diversity within the dental school, and in our interactions with the larger community, is essential to preparing students to become competent and ethical oral health care providers who can interact effectively in our multicultural society.  Our commitment to diversity is critical to the mission of the dental school to improve oral health through education, patient care, research and community service.

Nationwide the American Dental Association data in 2011 showed that underrepresented minorities (American Indian, African-American and Hispanic) account for 9.0% of professionally active dentists.

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