UW School of Dentistry

Five receive Distinguished Staff awards

Shana’e Niles and Dean Joel Berg.

Shirley Sampson and Dean Berg.
Jennifer Scott and Dean Berg.
Linda Yedlin and Dean Joel Berg.
Lowe and Dean Berg

Five School of Dentistry staff members were recognized Friday for their outstanding work during the School’s annual Distinguished Staff Awards.

Those who were honored included:

  • LaMar Lowe, Billing Office Manager, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Lowe, whose award was presented by Debbie Little, an Oral Surgery staff colleague, was cited for his unfailingly upbeat and cheerful attitude, along with a consummate mastery of procedural detail.
  • Shirley Sampson, Program Coordinator, Restorative Dentistry. In presenting her award, Dr. John Wataha, Chair of Restorative Dentistry, noted the grace and efficiency with which she performs the twice-daily logistical “miracle” of lining up faculty to cover the pre-doctoral student clinics.
  • Jennifer Scott, Administrator, RIDE. Dr. Wendy Mouradian, Associate Dean for Regional Affairs and RIDE, related how Scott jumped in after a key staff member departed during RIDE’s accreditation review and managed the office with uncommon dedication, working every weekend. She coordinated with students, faculty and clinic directors at RIDE’s seven remote clinical sites, doing it all under the grueling pressure and deadlines imposed by the accreditation process.
  • Linda Yedlin, Administrator, Pediatric Dentistry. “She’s the one that brings the village together,” said Dr. Amy Kim, Pediatric Dentistry faculty member, who presented the award. Dr. Kim said that Yedlin believes all jobs are important and worth doing well, and has earned universal trust and affection with qualities such as her empathy and reliability in times of crisis.
  • Shana’e Niles, Dental Clinic Supervisor, Clinical Services – D2/D3 Clinics. Clinic Manager Jay Priebe, presenting her award, called her the “right hand” of the clinic who makes things go well with students and staff – accountable, trustworthy and dedicated to the team. “I ask her to give 100 percent, and she gives 150 percent,” he said.

Dean Joel Berg conducted the awards ceremony in the Lyceum Room at the newly renovated Husky Union Building, where staff and faculty enjoyed a buffet lunch along with the awards.