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Dr. Mouradian gives Harvard’s Giddon lecture

Dr. Wendy Mouradian of the School of Dentistry faculty discussed “The Intersection of Dentistry and Medicine in the Future” as she presented Harvard University’s Donald B. Giddon Annual Lecture in Behavioral Medicine and Dentistry earlier this month.

Dr. MouradianDr. Mouradian, whose training as a pediatrician and experience as a dental educator has given her an especially strong perspective on this topic, is Associate Dean for Regional and Interprofessional Affairs as well as Acting Dean of Academic Affairs at the School of Dentistry. For more than a decade, she has also been a national leader in the effort to more closely align pediatric preventive dental care and medicine. Currently, she also leads the School of Dentistry’s discussions with the UW School of Medicine to incorporate oral health more extensively in the medical-school curriculum.

Two of the major questions she addressed during her lecture, which is sponsored by the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, included:

  • What are the likely roles of the dentist of the future, and what kind of training will best prepare today’s students to take on these roles?
  • What kinds of opportunities and challenges does the changing health care system present for oral health care in the future?