UW School of Dentistry

Dental honorary society inducts new members

The UW School of Dentistry’s chapter of Omicron Kappa Upsilon, which is dentistry’s equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa, inducted seven graduating students, a faculty member and a staff member at the chapter’s annual banquet on May 18.

Marashi, Phillips with Lutgen in center
Chapter officers Dr. Andy Marashi and Sandy Phillips present student Paul Lutgen (center) with the Dr. William S. Kramer Award of Excellence

The Sigma Sigma chapter also bestowed the Dr. William S. Kramer Award of Excellence on Paul Lutgen. The award is given to a dental student finishing his or her second year who has demonstrated scholarship, character, and the potential promise for advancement of dentistry and service to humanity.

The students inducted were Adam Szajman, Matthew Tanner, Yelena Chuvashova, Adrian Olson, Michael Siew, A.J. Morrow, and David Shin. Dr. Randall Maebo, an affiliate professor in the Department of Restorative Dentistry, was inducted as a faculty member, while Carol Brown, Director of Student Services, was inducted as an honorary member.

Anderson, Phillips with Maebo in center
Dr. Philip Anderson (left) and Sandy Phillips induct Dr. Randall Maebo as a faculty member
Chan, Marashi with Brown in center
Chapter officers Dr. Dan Chan (left) and Dr. Andy Marashi induct Carol Brown as an honorary member.

OKU also announced scholarships to be awarded to two members of the first-year, second-year, and third-year classes. First year students receiving the scholarships were Nadia Grishin and Daniel Whittaker; second-year recipients were Stephen Siew and Mari-Alina Timoshchuk; and third-year recipients were Ripp Cristel and Paul Krzeszowski.

OKU group shot
Faculty members join the graduating students inducted as new OKU alumni members. From left: Dr. Xavier Lepe, Dr. Natasha Flake, Adam Szajman, Dr. Mark Drangsholt, Matthew Tanner, Yelena Chuvashova, Adrian Olson, Michael Siew, A.J. Morrow, Dr. Dan Chan, and Dr. Andy Marashi. Not shown is inductee David Shin, who was out of town attending his sister’s graduation from medical school.

OKU began with the Class of 1914 at the Northwestern University Dental School in Chicago. The UW’s Sigma Sigma Chapter was started in 1950.