Health Issues in the Homeless and Underserved – Selective

Course Director: Beatrice Gandara
Credits: 1
Quarter/Yr of Program: Spring / 4

Course Overview

Students learn about the causes and challenges of homelessness and lack of access to care and how it affects systemic and oral health. The course includes a minimum of 12 clinical service learning hours in the community (clinical opportunities are provided) as well as online learning.

Learning Objectives

The student who successfully completes this course will be able to:

  1. Describe the causes of homelessness, including economic, social, historical and medical reasons
  2. Identify the types of oral health problems and consequences experienced by homeless individuals and other with lack of access to dental care
  3. Identify resources and barriers for treatment for mental health and substance abuse affecting homeless and underserved populations
  4. Describe access to care and management for acute and chronic medical and psychological conditions for homeless and underserved individuals
  5. Describe how working with other health professions can contribute to comprehensive care for homeless and underserved individuals (eg. physicians assistants, nurses, physicians, social workers, public health specialists)

Date last updated: 2016-09-01