UW School of Dentistry


The COVID-19 crisis has posed unprecedented challenges to the School of Dentistry in maintaining excellence in dental education, research, and clinical care.

Please consider giving to one of the following priority funds:

Dentistry COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund

This fund will help alleviate the severe financial pressures that many of our dental students are facing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Students who rely on their families for financial support have seen those families’ income slashed amid massive job losses.
  • Married students have seen their spouses’ employment affected while they take on the challenge and expense of home schooling their children.
  • Some students have moved back home; others are struggling to pay rent or mortgages.
  • Many students have growing families, and they are concerned about the additional support they will need when a baby arrives.

Please consider helping our dental students in need.

Covid-19 Response Fund for Dental Excellence

Your donations will support programs, operations, and people at the School of Dentistry. It will protect critical programs and mitigate other adverse results from budget reductions. It will help us:

  • Maintain clinical operations.
  • Preserve our faculty-to-student ratio.
  • Protect our staff from additional furloughs.
  • Pay for upgraded infection control, monitoring, and testing.
  • Bolster our remote learning capacity and teledentistry capability.
  • Meet our need for more personal protective equipment.

Please consider donating to our Covid-19 Response Fund for Sustainable Dental Excellence.

Thank you for your generosity. All gifts will be used to address School of Dentistry needs and will be greatly helpful during this challenging time.