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Phone: 206.685.2453

University of Washington
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Dental Fears Research Clinic
Health Sciences Center, D-458
Box 357475
Seattle, WA  98195-7475

Who are we?

Established in 1982, the Dental Fears Research Clinic at the University of Washington has provided service to thousands of patients in the State of Washington and around the world. Our mission is to provide comprehensive care to individuals who are fearful of receiving dental treatment.

We are the dentists, psychologists, and anesthesiologists on the University faculty who specialize in treat­ment of dental fear. We provide care not regu­larly avail­able in the general community. Among our strategies, we teach anxiety management skills such as breathing & re­laxation tech­niques, use anti-anxiety medica­tions, monitor heart rates, and conduct anesthetic testing.

What do we do?

Our purpose is to assess and treat problems of children and adults who are anxious or avoid dental care because of fear or other difficulties with dental procedures. The goal of our clinic is to help individuals overcome their fears of dentistry and accept treatment more comfortably. We provide all forms of dental treatment, including implants and oral surgery. We also pro­vide care using oral and intra­venous sedation and general anesthesia.

How do you make an appointment?

Please call the Dental Fears Research Clinic at 206.685.2453. When you first call for yourself, a friend, or your child, you will have the opportunity to speak with one of the staff psychologists. He or she will be able to provide you with additional information, answer your questions, and arrange for you to schedule an initial appointment.

When do we see patients?

The Clinic regularly schedules new patients on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (Room D-458). However, we are available at all times to see our regular patients for emergency treatment.

How does the research clinic work?

We maintain a separate clinic within the School of Dentistry. All care is provided by members of the University faculty. During your assessment visit, which will last approximately 2½–3 hours, a psychologist will interview you regarding the problems you have had in receiving dental care. A dentist will conduct a brief, painless examination to determine the health of your teeth and gums. Following this visit we will schedule any necessary x-rays and a consultation to discuss specific treatment recommendations. If we make a mutual decision to proceed, your first treatment appointment will be scheduled.

How do we charge for treatment?

There is a $252 fee for the psychological assessment which is payable at your initial visit. If you have medical insurance, a portion of this fee may be covered by many health insurance plans. There are separate fees for the dental examination, as well as any necessary x-rays, both of which are covered under most dental insurance programs. If you do not have dental insurance, these initial fees will total approximately $250.00 and are also payable at your initial visit.  We request that you bring your insurance information, including completed forms, to your first visit. We will estimate fees and discuss payment arrangements at the consultation visit. (MasterCard, Visa accepted.)

Clinic providers

Our clinic consists of dentists, psychologists, hygienists, assistants, and administrative staff who all have extensive experience working with fearful patients and all share the same goal of providing a supportive and understanding environment for them.

Meet our staff