Faculty Directory

Contact Information for Oral Medicine
Name Phone Location E-Mail
Petra Barclay
Affiliate Instructor
288.1333 SCCA Oral Medicine Clinic
Curtis Ssu-Kuang Chen 221.3760 Oral Radiology cskchen@uw.edu
Rolf Christensen
Interim DECOD Program Director
685.7595 Dental Urgent Care Clinic, B229 rolfc@uw.edu
Sue Coldwell
Adjunct Associate Professor, Division of Research
616.3087 Behavioral Pain Group scoldwel@uw.edu
Mark Drangsholt
Associate Professor & Chair
616.2123 OM Faculty drangs@uw.edu
Beatrice Gandara
Clinical Associate Professor – Dental Pathways
616.6010 OM Faculty bgandara@uw.edu
Ara Greer
Affiliate Instructor
543.4619 DECOD Clinic, B323
Lars Hollender
Professor Emeritus
543.0615 Radiology larsholl@uw.edu
Linda LeResche
Professor, Director of Research Division
616.6049 Pain Group leresche@uw.edu
C. Michele Lloid
Clinical Associate Professor & SCCA Oral Medicine Clinic Manager
288.6435 SCCA Oral Medicine Clinic mlloid@seattlescca.org
Michael Martin
Professor and Director Oral Medicine Graduate Program
221.3785 OM Faculty mickeym@uw.edu
Mark Schubert
Professor & Director of SCCA Oral Medicine Clinic
616.6013 – OM
288.1331 – SCCA
OM Faculty mschuber@seattlecca.org
Earl Sommers
Clinical Associate Professor
616.6014 OM Faculty esommers@uw.edu
Lisa Stampalia
Affiliate Instructor
543.4619 DECOD Clinic, B323
Kenyu Takamoto
Affiliate Instructor
543.4619 DECOD Clinic, B323 kenyulu@uw.edu
Edmond Truelove
Professor & Director of Oral Medicine Clinical Services
685.8084 OM Faculty edmondt@uw.edu

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