UW School of Dentistry

Training Program

The Distance Learning Unit is reinstated and will be offered by submitting an application.  The Distance Learning Unit consists of video lectures and test questions.  Some educational material will be applied but there will be a clinical component added in order to receive 70-126 Continuing Dental Education Credit and Certificate of Completion.  The requirements will still apply and that is 80% and above for passing the DLU.

If you would like further information about the program, or have questions, please call 206.543.1546 or by email at decod@uw.edu.


University of Washington

School of Dentistry

Dental Education in Care of Persons with Disabilities

Distance Learning Unit

The Distance Learning Unit consists of a series of self-study modules, accompanying video presentations, lecture outlines, and tests.  An opportunity throughout the year, provided each quarter for the individual student interested in participating in a didactic and clinical training with people with disabilities.  By arrangement with the DECOD Program and the Office of Continuing Dental Education, you may enroll for all the program and receive Continuing Education credits. 

Subject matter will include:

  • Introduction to Rehabilitation Medicine Management Techniques
  • Wheelchair Transfers Use of Portable Equipment
  • The State-Federal Rehabilitation Systems Developmental Disabilities
  • Sensory Impairment Blind Patient
  • Special Needs of the Geriatric Patient The Patient with Chronic Mental Illness

Participation in the Distance Learning Unit:  $1,000.00 (US Dollars)

(This includes purchase of the modules, rental of the video presentations, outlines, tests, shipping and handling, plus the clinical component for 70-126 CDE credits.)

For more information about the Distance Learning Unit or the DECOD Program please call 206.543.1546 or email:  decod@uw.edu.