Dr. Conrad

Dr. Conrad

Douglas Conrad, PhD, MBA, MHA

Office:  HSB Room H-660C
Box:  357660
Email:  dconrad@uw.edu

Professor, Oral Health Sciences
Professor, Health Services
Adjunct Professor, Finance and Business Economics

Research Interests

Dr. Conrad’s fields of specialization in economics are industrial organization and corporate finance. Dr. Conrad’s teaching focuses on risk and insurance principles and managerial finance in health services and managed care, primarily in the MHA and PhD programs of the Department of Health Services. His current research examines the effects of financial incentives on health care quality, physician compensation models in physician group practices, conceptual development and performance of integrated health systems, and the outcomes of community care networks in the United States. His research interests include the vertical integration in health services, integrated health systems, and the impact of financial incentives on physician behavior.


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Lee RS, Milgrom P, Huebner CE, Conrad DA. Dentists’ perceptions of barriers to providing dental care to pregnant women. Women’s Health Issues. 2010 Sep;20(5):359-65.  PMID: 20800772    PMCID: PMC2932670 PubMed

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