Dr. Chung

Dr. Chung

Whasun “Sun” Oh Chung, PhD

Office: B-147
Lab: B-149
Box: 357132
Email: sochung@uw.edu

Research Associate Professor, Oral Health Sciences
Director, Summer Research Fellowship, School of Dentistry


  • Gingival innate immunity to commensal vs. pathogenic bacteria
  • Titanate-metal complexes as new antimicrobials in dentistry
  • Epigenetic regulations in oral health and disease
  • Differential utilization of signaling pathways in oral innate immune regulation
  • Cross-communication between epithelial cell receptors in innate immune responses
  • Role of protease inhibitors in periodontal health and disease
  • Regulation of human beta-defensins in oral epithelial cells

Current Courses

  • DENT 550B – Research Methods (Director)
  • ORALB 520 – Molecular Microbiology and Oral Diseases (Participating Faculty)
  • ORALB 579 – Molecular biology (Participating Faculty)


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