PEDO 525

Management of Pediatric Behavior

Simon Lin

1 Credit Quarter 8

Course Description

Introduction to selected theories of child development and application in dental setting; pediatric cognitive, affective, and social development and introduction to problematic child behavior; use of social systems approach to overview child psychosocial development for the dentist.

Educational Objectives

The student will gain knowledge in the basic principles of child development. The objectives will be for the student to be able to (1) discuss the various theories of child development, (2) define the stages of child development, (3) define child maltreatment and its implications for dentistry, (4) define causes and signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect, and (5) discuss the legal responsibilities of the dentist in abuse and neglect cases.

Course Outline

Lecture topics include; theories of human development; infants and toddlers, the preschool child; school age children; child maltreatment: implications for dentistry; intervention and prevention strategies in child maltreatment; and pediatric dentistry clinic. In addition, students practice interviewing skills, perform tooth brushing instruction, perform dental assessment and apply fluoride on infants and toddlers in various clinical settings.

Competencies Addressed

  • UWSOD Competency 1: Examine a patient using contemporary diagnostic methods to evaluate the head and neck region and to reach a diagnosis of the patient’s oral and craniofacial health status.
  • UWSOD Competency 4: Provide patient education in the prevention of oral diseases to promote oral and general health.
  • UWSOD Competency 8: Manage dental emergencies.
  • UWSOD Competency 14: Manage periodontal diseases.
  • UWSOD Competency 18: Practice dentistry within the ethical standards of the dental profession and the law.
  • UWSOD Competency 25: Manage a diverse patient population and have the interpersonal and communication skills to function successfully in a multicultural work environment.

Course Expectations

To successfully meet the requirements of this course and to receive credit, the student is required to attend all lectures and assigned clinic sessions and to demonstrate her/his understanding of lecture topics through a questionnaire and an essay as a final exam.


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