UW School of Dentistry


Oral Medicine Senior Seminar

Edmond Truelove

2 Credits Per Quarter, 4 Credits Total / Quarters 13-14 (Autumn-Winter, Fourth Year)

Course Description

Oral Medicine seminar utilizing interdisciplinary scientific literature to determine appropriate approaches to general patient care of patients in dental settings.

Educational Objectives

The student will gain knowledge about systemic and regional disease processes that may affect dental patients. The objectives are for the student to be able to (1) engage in discussions of the professional scientific literature on presented topics related to oral and general medicine, (2) evaluate the literature presented for relevance, (3) score the presented literature for value and utility in dental practice, and (4) review current scientific clinical literature of importance in the general healthcare management of patients seen in dental practice.

Course Outline

This class meets twice a week.

Course Expectations

To successfully meet the requirements of this course, the student must attend a minimum of 90% of the class sessions, participate actively in class discussions, and complete in class evaluations of each article presented.

Effective Winter Quarter 2007, completion of on-line course evaluation is a requirement of this course. Failure to comply will result in an “Incomplete” grade being assigned.

Competencies Addressed

  • UWSOD Competency 1: Examine a patient using contemporary diagnostic methods to evaluate the head and neck region and to reach a diagnosis of the patient’s oral and craniofacial health status.
  • UWSOD Competency 4: Provide patient education in the prevention of oral diseases to promote oral and general health.
  • UWSOD Competency 5: Recognize the limits of their expertise and seek consultation with other health care providers to facilitate patient care.
  • UWSOD Competency 21: Recognize the role of lifelong learning and self-assessment in maintaining competency.
  • UWSOD Competency 25: Manage a diverse patient population and have the interpersonal and communication skills to function successfully in a multicultural work environment.


  • Computerized library resources (MEDLINE)
  • Assigned text reference material

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