Communications Skills II-Cultural Competency

Christine Riedy Murphy

1 Credit / Quarter 2 (Winter, First Year)

Course Description

This course will provide a basic introduction to the role that culture can play in healthcare utilization and communication.

Educational Objectives

The purpose of the course is to sensitize you to your responsibility as health care providers to provide culturally appropriate care to a diverse population. The course emphasizes the cultural diversity in Seattle. Lecture, discussion, and exercises will be used to convey information and sensitize students to the task of interacting effectively with people of other cultures.

Course Outline

  • The changing demographics of the United States, Washington State, and Seattle (Riedy)
  • The impact of culture/acculturation on health and oral health disparities (Riedy)
  • Understanding self-awareness and implicit bias (Pickrell)
  • Understanding historical trauma (Riedy) and microaggressions (Gandara)
  • Chairside cultural competency (Gandara)

Course Expectations

Students are required to attend throughout the two half day lectures and participate in discussion and exercises. Effective Winter Quarter 2007, completion of on-line course evaluation is a requirement of this course. Failure to comply will result in an “Incomplete” grade being assigned.

Competencies Addressed

UWSOD Competency 25:. Manage a diverse patient population and have the interpersonal and communication skills to function successfully in a multicultural work environment.

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