Honors Pre-Clinical Teaching

Faculty: Various faculty depending on course
Year: 3, 4
Quarters: Autumn, Winter, Spring
Type: Closed
Day: Variable (depends on course)
Limit: Determined by Chair and course directors
Time: Variable (depends on course); typically 3-4 h per week.
Credits: 1; credit also given for either Restorative 630-635-640 or Pros 630-640 depending on the course
Independent Study: Yes
Sign-up Deadline: 1-2 months prior to course, at discretion of course directors
Contact Person: Course Director

Course Description

This course is available to select 3rd and 4th year pre-doctoral students. The course provides a teaching experience and reinforces the student’s grasp of clinical subject matter through a teaching experience. The availability of openings will be at the discretion of the Course Directors of ResD 511, ResD515-517, ResD520-522 and 532, and ResD525-527, and ResD 535 within the constraints of Restorative Dentistry policy. For the Pros650B courses, associated courses are Pros 520, 523, 524, and 525.

Beginning Fall of 2011, a new Removable Pros TA position will be introduced in the D-4 Removable Pros Laboratory with Mr. Rich Lee. Mr. Lee will train 2 student TA’s to finish and beautify denture wax-ups, to finish and polish processed dentures and to do simple denture repairs. These TA positions will be available one half day a week in Mr. Lee’s lab to help fellow students with these procedures. Interested students should contact the Course Director of their course of interest well in advance of the start date of the course; The program coordinator will aid with registration for the course once approval for participation has been obtained to participate from the Course Director and Chair.


Eligibility and selection of TAs is determined by the Course Directors; qualified applicant’s generally have a meritorious record in the course of interest and excellent current standing in the pre-doctoral program. Students are eligible to TA if their clinical progress is satisfactory in ResD630-635-640 or Pros 630-640 as determined by Dr.’s Verhoef & Lepe, who will verify eligibility with Course Directors prior to the start of each term. Ongoing eligibility determination ensures that students maintain satisfactory clinical performance and progress and good academic standing. Students may not miss didactic courses to participate as a TA. Participation also must not interfere with scheduling of required clinical course experiences; course work must take precedence, and students must maintain a minimum of 3 Restorative/Pros  sessions per week in the D2/D3 clinic in any given term.

Approval of participation in more than ½ day per week (1 credit hour) in a given term for all (ResD and Pros) 650B courses will require permission from the Chair of Restorative Dentistry.


Students taking this course will receive 1 credit hour. In addition, TA’s will earn either point credit toward their clinical Restorative grade or ½ arch credit toward their Removable Prosthodontic requirements, at the student’s discretion, decided at the beginning of each term. Changes in the credit arrangements mid-term will not be permitted. Currently, students are not paid for participation in this course. To receive credit (both academic credit and points or arches), Course Directors must verify that TA attendance and participation in the course was sufficient. Course Directors will take and record attendance to determine eligibility for credit by whatever standard they deem appropriate. At the end of each term, Directors should provide the clinical coordinator (currently Shirley Sampson) a list of students earning Restorative point credit, or Dr. Lepe with a list of TA’s earning Removable Pros arch credit. Academic credit should be reported and awarded using standard methods.

Student Responsibilities

Students will be expected to participate fully and commit fully to all duties in the course of interest as specified by the Course Director. Students must maintain confidentiality, professional, and ethical standards in dealing with their peers and with all faculty at all times while participating.

*last updated: 11/8/2011

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