Honors Periodontal Surgery

Faculty: Various faculty depending on course
Year: 3, 4
Quarters: Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer
Type: Closed
Day: Variable (depends on course)
Limit: 8
Time: Variable (depends on course); typically 4 hrs per week.
Credits: 2
Sign-up Deadline: 1-2 months prior to course, at discretion of course directors
Contact Person: Course Director

Course Description

A surgical elective course offered each quarter by the Department of Periodontics. This course is intended to give the student a greater exposure to comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning with an evidenced based rationale, increased exposure to periodontal surgical procedures, and an overview of the specialty as a whole. Education will be case-driven, and students are expected to attend all clinic sessions and participate in all discussions. The course will be small seminar and clinic format, meeting for nine-ten three hour sessions. Patient screening will be performed as part of the early sessions, and all later sessions will be reserved for periodontal surgeries performed by the students with close supervision by periodontal faculty. Other surgical sessions may be available during the senior year. We hope this elective will encourage students to have a more proactive family practice and/or consider graduate studies in periodontics.


Eligibility and selection is determined by the Course Directors; qualified applicants generally have a meritorious record in the course of interest and excellent current standing in the pre-doctoral program.


Students taking this course will receive 2 credit hours.

Student Responsibilities

Students will be expected to participate fully and commit fully to all duties in the course of interest as specified by the Course Director. Students must maintain confidentiality, professional, and ethical standards in dealing with their peers, patients and with all faculty at all times while participating. Participation also must not interfere with scheduling of required clinical course experiences; course work must take precedence.

*last updated: 04/17/2014

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