OS 550D

Faculty: Jasjit Dillon
Year: 3, 4
Quarters: Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer
Type: Closed
Day: Variable
Limit: 2
Time: Variable
Credits: 1
Independent Study: No
Sign-up Deadline: One mo. prior to qtr. start
Contact Person: Ms. Deirdre Burns

Harborview Rotation

Course Description

Students with a special interest in oral and maxillofacial surgery (OS) will be allowed to enroll for a 1-3 week externship under this elective, provided that their progress in OS 530 & OS 630 is satisfactory in the opinion of the Chief of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Harborview Medical Center.

Educational Objectives

Dental students will complete the elective at Harborview, and gain experience in practical OS including direct participation in minor OS, observation of and opportunities to assist in major OS and participation in the care of OS emergency cases. The student will attend seminars, conferences, resident training, and clinical sessions under the direct supervision of the Chief of Oral Surgery at Harborview Medical Center.

*last updated: 12/4/2012

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