OS 550C

Faculty: O. Ross Beirne
Year: 4
Quarters: See below.
Type: Closed
Day: ARR
Limit: 3
Time: ARR
Credits: 2-4
Independent Study: No
Sign-up Deadline:
Contact Person: Dr. Beirne

Selective in Intravenous Sedation

Course Description

(clinic scheduling required)

PLEASE NOTE: DENT 563, Elements of Sedation, is a prerequisite for this course.

This course is primarily intended for the GPRs and the residents/graduate students in pediatric dentistry, periodontics and oral medicine. Given the schedules and autumn requirements of the target audience, DENT 563, the prerequisite course for OS 550C, offers AUT quarter lecture dates which vary every year, and students should check DENT 563’s registration information each quarter the course is offered for details of the established lecture dates and all related information. The determination of how many quarters OS 550C will be offered depends upon the number of eligible students interested in pursuing the course.  Dr. Ross Beirne, current instructor of OS 550C and its prerequisite course DENT 563, has not imposed a registration limit on either course, but those interested must request his permission to register for both.

Course Expectations

Fourth year dental students interested in taking DENT 563 are welcome to do so, but they must attend at least 90% of all lectures if their intent is to follow-up with OS 550C.

*last updated: 11/8/2011

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