Faculty: Gandara, Martin, Sommers, Truelove
Year: 4
Quarters: Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer
Type: Closed
Day: M, T, Th, F
Limit: 6
Time: clinic hours
Credits: 2
Independent Study: No
Sign-up Deadline:
Contact Person: (see linked faculty above)

Clinical Oral Medicine: Rotation in OMCS

Course Description

This is a clinical elective. Students will work closely with the faculty in diagnosing and treating patients with facial pain, TMD, oral lesions, and salivary gland dysfunctions. Students will work up patients and participate in treatment.

To enhance this clinical experience, it is recommended (but not required) that students take ORALM 550C (Oral Medicine Clinical Conference) in conjunction with this course.

*last updated: 11/8/2011

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