Faculty: Hollender
Year: 3, 4
Quarters: Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer*
Type: Closed
Day: variable
Limit: 6
Time: variable
Credits: 2
Independent Study: Yes
Sign-up Deadline:
Contact Person: Ms. Dalila Sebring

Directed Studies in Oral Radiology

Course Description

Please contact Ms. Dalila Sebring if you’re requesting this class early, or would like more course details.

Cases will be presented for discussion in a seminar or clinical setting. These will encompass a variety of conditions in order to expand the experience of analyzing radiographs and reaching a differential diagnosis. Topics of special interest to the participating students will be included.

PLEASE NOTE: This elective is currently available through Spring Quarter 2005 only, and registration is currently full. Please check this listing in the future, or you may contact the Department of Oral Medicine directly regarding when/if this elective will be offered beyond Spring Quarter 2005.

*last updated: 11/8/2011

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