UW School of Dentistry

Directed Studies Courses 550A

For your information, answers to commonly posed questions about directed studies are shown below to assist you in your planning and decision-making.

1. What is a directed studies course?
It is an elective course offered in each of the disciplines (departments). Based on student interest in a special area of the discipline, it allows independent study and a tutorial student-faculty relationship.

2. How do I decide what subject to study and which faculty member to ask to supervise?
It would probably be best to find a discipline and then a particular area within that discipline that interests you. Next, find a faculty member who is involved in that area and is willing to supervise your research. An alternative would be for you to contact a faculty member you wish to work with and then explore areas of study that s/he would be willing to supervise.

3. What kind of study can I do?
The study must not include nor relate to clinical or didactic course requirements for the required curriculum. The project could be research, either non-clinical, clinical, basic science or curriculum/teaching.

4. Which departments have directed studies and what are the numbers?
Pretty much all departments offer directed studies. Contact the department you’re interested in for details. 550A is the course number of directed studies and is also designated for Summer Research (SURF) participants. If you’re interested in learning more about the SURF program, please contact Dr. Sun Chung. If you are interested in the Clinical Research Training Program, please contact Dr. Linda LeResche.

5. How are directed study courses graded?
Like all elective courses, directed study courses are graded as Credit/No Credit.

6. How many credits should I register for?
All directed studies are listed as variable credit. You and your supervising faculty member need to agree on how much time you will spend for the number of credits you want to receive. The University guideline is 3 hours of independent study per week equals 1 hour of credit.

7. How do I register for a directed studies course?
First, you must locate a faculty member who is willing to supervise your research and determine the number of credits you should receive. Second, check with the administrative assistant in that department or Zene Tefera in D323 to obtain a five-digit faculty code number. Once these requirements are met, Zene Tefera can provide you with the SLN and/or help with your registration. SURFand Clinical Research Training Program students are automatically registered for these courses by Zene Tefera in cooperation with the respective program directors.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of directed studies courses, you will not see them noted on the departmental elective listings. For more information, please contact Ms. Zene Tefera.