UW School of Dentistry

DENT 613

Summer Rural and Underserved Opportunities Program

Jim Sledge

6 credits / Quarter 4 (Summer first year)

Course Description

The summer RUOP (rural underserved opportunities program) is for first year students. It is designed to provide dental students with a 4-week pre-clinical training opportunity in rural and underserved community dental clinic sites.

Educational Goals/Objectives:

  • List the unique dental needs of rural/underserved communities.
  • Demonstrate proper clinical infection control procedures in a clinical setting related to bloodborne pathogens, instrument and operatory sterilization
  • Greet, seat and drape patients in a clinical setting
  • Interview patients to determine chief complaint
  • Demonstrate the principles of 4-handed dentistry
  • Mount x-rays (periapicals and bitewings)
  • Perform a caries risk assessment and apply fluoride varnish
  • Choose appropriate impression tray sizes and take alginate impressions
  • Pour and trim study models
  • Provide basic oral hygiene instruction and dietary and feeding practices to maintain oral health
  • Perform basic dental charting
  • Provide culturally-sensitive oral health care to patients in diverse communities
  • Discuss general issues of improving oral health in diverse populations

Course Outline

This is a 4 week rotation at a community clinical site, with dates and location to be arranged. Students must pro-actively make arrangements for this rotation by applying to the School of Dentistry Outreach Manager by the end of winter quarter.

Course Expectations

Satisfactory completion of the 4 week summer rotation, including meeting all learning objectives and attendance requirements; completion of all evaluation forms; and completion of poster-board presentation at the School of Dentistry.

Competencies Addressed

4. Provide patient education in the prevention of oral diseases to promote oral and general health

5. Recognize the limits of their expertise and seek consultation with other health care providers to facilitate patient care.

18. Practice dentistry within the ethical standards of the dental profession and the law.

24. Evaluate different models of oral health care management and delivery

25. Manage a diverse patient population and have the interpersonal and communication skills to function successfully in a multicultural work environment.

Method of Evaluation

Report of site preceptor on student’s satisfactory completion of the rotation, and satisfactory completion of the poster presentation as determined by faculty and Outreach manager.

Examination/Grading Policies

Pass/Fail based on evaluation outlined above

*last updated: 11/7/2011