DENT 537

Hospital Dentistry

Dr. John Evans

1 Credit / Quarter 11 (Spring, Third Year)

Course Description

Introductory didactic course introducing the students to the role of dentistry in hospital and institutional care settings including factors associated with the oral and systemic health of patients that may adversely affect patient health of medically, emotionally, developmentally, and physically compromised patients.

Educational Objectives

The student will gain knowledge about hospital dentistry. At the completion of the course the student will be able to: (1) describe the role of a dentist within the hospital setting, (2) understand factors related to risk for serious infections of odontogenic and other sources arising in hospital settings that result in prolonged and complicated hospitalization or oral complications, (3) identify oral problems and manifestations associated with severe systemic disease in hospitalized patients, (4) assess dento-alveolar trauma presenting to hospital settings and describe management processes for stabilization of the patient, (5) identify and manage oral complications arising out of hospital care protocols and patient changes associated with serious life threatening illnesses, (6) discuss the opportunities and role the role of GPR/AEGD residents in hospital settings.

Course Outline

Areas covered include: Introduction to Hospital Dentistry, introduction to the hospital environment, identification and management of severe infections in hospitalized patients; identification and management of oral complications in hospitalized patients; dento-alveolar trauma in the hospital; oral care protocols for hospitalized patients; the role of dentistry and GP residents in hospital settings.

Competencies Addressed

  • UWSOD Competency 6: Manage acute and chronic orofacial and dental pain.
  • UWSOD Competency 7: Manage pulpal and periradicular disease.
  • UWSOD Competency 14: Manage periodontal diseases.
  • UWSOD Competency 25: Manage a diverse patient population and have the interpersonal and communication skills to function successfully in a multicultural work environment.

Course Expectations

To meet the requirements of the course the student must attend lectures and participate in class discussions and demonstrate knowledge of the materials presented by successful completion of the final examination.

Effective Winter Quarter 2007, completion of on-line course evaluation is a requirement of this course. Failure to comply will result in an “Incomplete” grade being assigned.


  • Class handouts
  • Website course materials

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